Christchurch, NZ

It was time for me to tackle the travelling world solo, as I left Grace in Queenstown and headed off for my last couple of stops in New Zealand. I was a bit nervous to be going off on my own, but excited at the same time.

My final stop of New Zealand was Christchurch, which I would fly out of. But on the way, the Kiwi bus also stopped at Lake Tekapo for one night. One of the stops along the way was at the Church of the Good Shepherd, which is one of – if not the oldest (I can’t remember) churches in New Zealand.



Then it was on to the main event.. Lake Tekapo.


We didn’t stop long, just long enough to take some pictures and admire the amazingly blue lake, before heading onto our accommodation for the evening.


The next day was another early start as we headed off to Christchurch, where I would catch up with Lucy again from my original Kiwi Bus, before she headed back home.

One of the main things to do in Christchurch was ride the gondola, so you could get some views of the city, and there were a few walks that you could do as well. We caught the shuttle bus to the bottom of the gondola from the city and started the ride up. You had some really nice views of Christchurch and the surroundings, which we saw again on our walks around the top.


There were a couple of short walks around the top, where you could go out and see different views, so we got a good look of the landscape.



In the afternoon, we went to the re:start centre, which is a small area where there are loads of shops, all built from shipping crates – unfortunately I didn’t get a picture! But we were here to do some gift shopping as Lucy was leaving that evening.

After I said goodbye to Lucy, I had a few days on my own in Christchurch, which was mostly spent organising myself before heading off to Australia. However, I did make a stop at the museum Quake City.


This was all about the two earthquakes that hit Christchurch in 2010/2011, and the devastation it caused to the city and the people living here.


It was really interesting and sad to hear about the effects both these earthquakes had on the people living here, and you could still to this day see the destruction it had caused. The main problem was that after the first earthquake in 2010, all the building structures had been weakened, so when the second earthquake hit in early 2011, although it was a smaller earthquake, it caused a lot more damage, and even death.


Quake City is a must-see if you are ever in Christchurch, as I think it is so relevant and important to remember what happened, and to learn about the effects such a devastating natural disaster has had on the city.

This was my last stop in Christchurch, and I did some more souvenir shopping for myself, before catching a flight out of New Zealand, on to my final stop on the world trip – Australia!


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