West Coast – South Island, NZ

I have decided to compile a few of our stops into one post, as we didn’t actually end up doing heaps in each of the places, but definitely worth a mention.

After leaving Kaiteriteri, our next stop was the surfing town of Westport. However, I think from the moment we left Abel Tasman, until the moment we arrived in Franz Josef, we pretty much had torrential rain for the entire 2/3 days. So unfortunately, this put us off going for a nice surf down the beach, and we ended up hopping off the kiwi bus, going into the hostel, and not leaving (except to get food, of course) until we left the following morning.

On the way we stopped by the famous Nelson Lakes. I imagine on a lovely sunny day this is quite an enjoyable stop, but for us, of course it was raining.

This didn’t stop us enjoying the beautiful scenery. Once again, New Zealand absolutely delivering on the views.



The gang at the end of the pier.


Now, the usual tradition is to jump off the end of the pier into the water… and after much deliberation we decided to continue the tradition…


But my god was it cold. Like actually freezing.


Don’t let my smiling face deceive you, it was bitter. And the lake was full of eels. The things we will do for an Instagram post…

Our next stop along the way was Lake Mahinapua, where the main event was the fancy dress party that evening, as well as an amazing 3 course dinner and breakfast. Our theme for the fancy dress was Armed Services, which every person interpreted very differently.

Grace and I opted to go for the beloved characters of Nicholas Angel and Danny from Hot Fuzz.

I would like to point out we ended up paying $20 just to get the “cuddly monkey”. We were committed.

Before making our costumes we got the luxury of enjoying a roast dinner, which was amazing!

As a group, Jess and Tom decided to go as ninjas, and Leigh as a ninja turtle. The whole evening was spent painting, cutting and unleashing our inner costume makers. I think the results speak for themselves …

The following morning started with an amazing breakfast of pancakes and bacon, before we set off once again for Franz Josef.


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