Abel Tasman, NZ

After a very long day of travelling, we had finally made it down to the South Island, to the beautiful Kaiteriteri, in the national park, Abel Tasman. Having experienced some chillier weather up in the North Island, it was nice to make it to one of the sunniest places in New Zealand. The evening was spent enjoying a well deserved beer in the hostel garden.

The next morning Jess and Tom headed off to do some sea kayaking, whilst Grace, Leigh and I decided to do some paddle boarding down at the beach.


Luckily it was a beautiful day, and luckily it was hot as the water was pretty choppy, so we all had a little swim at one point or another (mine due to Grace pushing me in, thanks!). My GoPro also enjoyed it’s first outing in a while, cue a million selfies…


After a few tumbles in the water, Leigh decided to do some kneel-down paddle boarding


And Grace tried her hand at some paddle board yoga… with little success…



But we all managed to stay standing long enough to grab a group photo.


The afternoon was spent drying off in the sunshine and enjoying some ice cream, before we had to move to another hostel (which was a complete pain). The hostel was right out in the middle of nowhere, so we spent the night in playing board games, where my more competitive side made an appearance… we won’t go into that.

The following morning we got a lift back to where we were getting picked up by the kiwi bus. But on the way our driver took us on a detour to a place called Resurgance

It was a really cool river and waterfall, which, if we hadn’t had to move to the other hostel, we would have had a chance to see, so we actually got quite lucky.

We also got to stop at a viewpoint on the way back where you could see a lot of the Abel Tasman national park, which was so beautiful

We eventually made it back to the original hostel to get picked up by the Kiwi bus with our new bus driver Helly to continue our trip around the South Island.


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