Taupo, NZ

We left Rotorua and headed for our next stop, Taupo. On the way we made a pitstop at the beautiful Huka Falls.


The water was such a nice colour, so turquoise and bright… really have never seen anything like it.


Of course we needed a few group pics.


The girls… and the whole gang

Tom, Jess, Grace, me, Tom, Lucy, Holly
We made it to Taupo, where we headed down to the lake to enjoy the sunshine before enjoying some $2 tacos, what a bargain.

The next day was one of the things I’d been most looking forward to on the trip, the Tongariro crossing, aka walking through Middle Earth and Mount Doom!

We started off a little worse for wear after a heavy night at the local bar… and the weather when we set off was pretty horrendous. It was super windy and cold; we were pretty lucky we were allowed to still do the crossing as a lot of times it gets cancelled due to weather.

The walk in total was 19.4km, so a pretty decent hike. When we first got to the peak, it was completely covered in cloud, as you can see.


Luckily after a short break the clouds started to clear so we could actually see some of the beautiful lakes along the crossing.



It was still pretty grey though, but luckily we were wrapped up warm!


Finally the sun came out!


And we got to enjoy some of the beautiful views along the crossing.



In the distance you can see lake Taupo, our view for the descent of the crossing.


Afterwards, it’s fair to say we were pretty exhausted, and enjoyed some $5 Domino’s pizza and an early night, before heading to our next stop along the way, River Valley.




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