Waitomo, NZ

After one of the, arguably, worst night’s sleep of my life (rivaled only by the freezing cold first night of the Machu Picchu trek) we headed on our way to Waitomo and the glow worm caves! This was one of the activities myself and Grace had most been looking forward to, so we let the bad night’s sleep slide as we were really excited to get going.

We’d chosen to do the Black Abyss tour, which was 5 hours long and you got to do basically everything. First things first, we had to get into our wetsuits. Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to get into a wet wetsuit before… but it is literally a workout. Luckily we could pull them off…


Or not. All ready to go!


The first activity was abseiling ourselves into the caves, which was a first for me. We had a quick practice to make sure we could all do it, before being thrown into it. We got taught all how to go faster, slower and how to stop. Grace volunteered to go first.


Showing us all how it’s done! And I was up next



It was actually a lot further down than I was expecting, and some parts were pretty tight to get through. Let’s just say it wasn’t the smoothest abseil ever!

Once everyone had made it down, the next part was to zipwire through the caves, in complete darkness. It was so cool, because there were glow worms everywhere that looked like little stars! And it was pretty cool to be zipwiring into nothingness. We stopped after for some hot chocolate and flapjacks, which was very welcome as it was freezing down in the caves!


The gang enjoying the little warmth we had left, before the next part of the tour – tubing through the caves! We all were given rubber rings and we had to jump down off the ledge and land in our rings in the water – which of course, was freezing cold! We did some fast “swimming” through the first part of the caves just to warm up a bit.

Once we were all relatively warm, we were all joined together in a line with our rings and pulled through the glow worm caves, which was amazing! There were so many glow worms right above us, it looked like stars in the night sky. One of the most beautiful and cool things I’ve seen on my travels for sure. No pics unfortunately.

Our final part was getting back out of the cave, which included a lot of wading through the water, and even a slide…


Nice face Grace, hahaha. We even got to climb up 2 waterfalls on our way out, which was a little bit scary as if you fell it would definitely hurt! The first one we were told where to put our feet, but the second we had to do it ourselves – we all survived, so we must have made some good decisions! And finally we made it out of the caves into the sunshine!



And we ended the tour with free bagels and hot soup – absolutely delightful!


Definitely one of the best things I had done on my travels so far and a must do if you are in Waitomo!

In the evening we headed back to the hostel to catch up with the rest of the gang, for a few drinks down at the local bar and a pretty intense game of Zimmy zimmy !



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