Hot Water Beach, NZ

Our next stop after the Bay of Islands was Hot Water Beach. After a quick night stop in Auckland again (just can’t get enough…) we headed out in the morning, with our new bus driver Scotty.

Our first stop was to do some grocery shopping along the way, then we headed to our accommodation for the night. Unfortunately for our accommodation, Grace and I got saddled with “glamping,” which we initially thought would be quite fun… a decision we would live to regret (more of that later).

After dumping our bags, we headed down to Cathedral Cove to hang at the beaches. Pretty nice view from the top!


Cathedral cove is probably most famous for being a part of the Narnia films – recognise anything?



As the sun was (kind of) out, we decided to all go for a swim – and it was bloody freezing! Much nicer out of the water for sure.


Once everyone had finished swimming, we walked round to another beach, known as Sting Ray bay.


This was a lot quieter than the main beach, but from what I saw, definitely lacking in sting rays… But we did manage to get a nice picture, aww


And another one..


That evening, the plan was to head down to the actual hot water beach, to dig ourselves a jacuzzi. This was a lot harder than anticipated, as the hot water only flowed through certain parts of the beach… so we started off in a very luke warm pool… before finally cracking it and getting one that was bearable to sit in!

Grace, I, Jay, Tom, Tom 2, Jess, Frankie and Anna 

The whole team! FYI building a beach jacuzzi was the beginning of some beautiful friendships. (Photo creds: Tom Stones)

Also note that I am sitting at the mouth of the river of hot water, so ended up getting a burnt leg! 😦 But it was such a fun evening, and almost made up for the freezing cold night’s sleep we were about to endure! Almost. #stillbitter


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