Buenos Aires, Argentina

Day 1

After 3 weeks in Chile, we headed for Argentina, the last stop on my South American tour! We flew in from Santiago in the morning, and headed out to grab some lunch, as we were both starving! After the hanger had passed, we headed out towards the seafront for a wander round, and found a nice park to walk through.



The water looked pretty brown, definitely wouldn’t want to be swimming in there! We also got a nice view of the skyline from the park.


After wandering around in the very hot sun for most of the afternoon we headed back to the hostel for a relatively early night as it had been a very long day.


Day 2

In our second day in Buenos Aires, we decided to do the free walking tour of the city. We started at the theatre, which was a pretty impressive building in itself.


The theatre in Buenos Aires is renouned for being one of the best in Latin America, and rivaled by the Sydney Opera house in the world. Traditionally, the rich people would enter through the front entrance, and the poorer, cheaper ticket holders through the side entrances.


Our next stop along the tour, was the central synagogue in Buenos Aires.


Followed by a trip to one of the parks, where you could see the clock that was gifted to Argentina by the British…


… Which leads us promptly to the memorial for those who died in the Falkland war


When we were walking through the city, we noticed a huge tree in the middle of one of the squares… that was being held up by these guys.


Pretty cool eh?

Our final stop along the tour was the cemetery.


This was full of very expensive graves and mausoleums, which house some of the richest people who lived in the city and celebrities.


Day 3

My final day in Buenos Aires, consisted of a visit to the local zoo. This is going to be a very quick round up, as actually, the zoo was in a process of moving the animals to other locations, and turning itself into an ecological park. So really, there wasn’t a lot to see unfortunately!

Couple of cute elephants and a giraffe though!



In the evening we headed out for my final meal, before I finally had to say goodbye to my travel partner for the last 5 months! Followed by a nice early night, ready for my 3:30am wake up – ergh. Next stop NEW ZEALAND!



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