Valparaiso, Chile

Our next stop in Chile was Valparaiso, which had been highly recommended to us from a lot of people we had met in Chile. It has a much more arty, cool vibe than Santiago, and was a must see on our trip. We also had picked up a friend in Iquique – Anouk – who decided to join us in Valparaiso.

Viña del Mar

One of the towns in Valparaiso, was a place called Viña del Mar, which was a coastal town nearby.


As you can see, it was a pretty grey day, but we decided to take part in the free walking tour – who also did the tour in Santiago – so we could get a better feel for the town.


Weirdly, we were the only 3 people on the walking tour, so we were pretty much getting a private tour around Viña del Mar, which was pretty cool.


We were told a lot about the town, particularly about the effect that earthquakes had on the town, and the damage they do.

Viña del Mar is a popular place for rich Chilean’s to get away from Santiago, and the big cities and get to the coast – probably on a nicer day than ours!

In the evening we headed back to Valparaiso and went out for some dinner, before heading to bed.


Street Art Tour

One of the main things you notice around Valparaiso is the street art, which is literally everywhere, and some of it so detailed and beautiful. For this reason we decided to take part in the free street art tour.

We started off seeing some really cool art work, which is paid for by whoever owns the building.


This particular style (the fish with human parts) was common of this particular artist, which is the same with all the paid artists who graffiti the walls.

This next graffiti, however, is illegal, which you can tell because it only uses a couple of colours – so is obviously done in a rush – and is just a tag of the gang’s name.


These next graffiti tags you can see, are part of a kind of game, the aim is trying to get the tag as high as possible, to prove who is the most daring graffiti gang – rather them than me!


We went round the whole of Valparaiso checking out the different artwork, so here is a selection of a few of my favourite bits.





This one in particular told a story of how in 1855, there was actually a landslide in Valparaiso, and loads of dead bodies that had been buried along the hills rained down on the town itself – bit like a horror movie!


Valparaiso was a really cool city with loads to see and do, especially if you are an arty type! And a nice last stop for our trip around Chile, next stop Argentina!






One thought on “Valparaiso, Chile

  1. I am going to Santiago in March and read your post about the city as well as about Valparaiso. Loved the last picture! Now I am really curious for this place. Thank you.


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