Santiago, Chile

Day 1:

After leaving San Pedro, and spending a few days on the beach, we flew down to the capital of Chile, Santiago. We arrived pretty late in the day, but not to waste the afternoon we decided to head to the Sky Costanero, which is the tallest building in South America, at 300m.


From the top you could see the whole of the city and all the surrounding moutains which was really cool. There was also an open sky deck right at the top.




Day 2:

The second day, we had a lot more planned, and based on the recommendation of our hostel, we decided to catch the fernicular up to the Virgin Mary statue in the city.


Like the Sky Costanero, it had really nice views of the whole city, and also was a nice peaceful place to come and have a look out.


There were loads of photographs of people, with ribbons or prayers attached to them.


In the afternoon we decided to take part in the free walking tour around the city. It was really interesting, particularly mentioning how the street dogs in Chile were really well looked after, and people even fed them regularly and took them to the vets which was really cute !

We ended the tour in a bar, where we got to learn some of the local lingo….. *swear words ahead*



Day 3:

For our final day in Santiago, we decided we had to do a wine tour, and get a taste for some of the famous Chilean wine.


It started with a tour of the cellar, which you can see were huge!


Each barrel could contain up to, around 30,000 bottles of wine… more than enough to keep you going for a lifetime! The wooden barrels were more old fashioned, so we also got to see the new kind, which were all made of metal, and apparently much more efficient.

Finally we got to try out 4 different wines, two white and two red. The tour guide explained to us what each wine was, what it would go well with (food-wise) and what we should be tasting.


It was nice to feel like you had a bit of knowledge before drinking, and you really could taste the different flavours he was pointing out.



Definitely a great thing to try in Santiago before we headed off to our next stop – Valparaiso.


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