Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Day 1:

We left La Paz in Bolivia and made our way to Uyuni to start a 3 day tour of the Bolivian salt flats, which would end with us crossing the border into Chile. We got off the bus in Uyuni and were absolutely hounded by tour companies trying to get us onto their tours! We eventually chose one and set off on the tour.

The first stop was to the train cemetery.


This was where many trains were abandoned due to the collapse in the mining industry, as the trains were no longer needed to transport things across country.


It was just a really weird view, to see all these trains in the middle of the desert…


Next stop along the way was just to see some of the salt that was in the desert, due to the area once being a lake, that has now evaporated.


Again… a very strange sight, just seeing piles of salt in the middle of all that desert.


We headed to a restaurant next to grab some lunch, before going to the main event… the picture taking on the salt flats.

We had a few ideas of what we wanted to do…



But it was actually a lot harder to nail than it looked… so some pictures turned out better than others…


Kind of being chased by a dinosaur….


… Way off.


And we didn’t quite the timings right!

After taking our pictures the last stop of the day was to an island full of cacti.


Again, smack bang in the middle of nowhere. We got to  walk up to the top and see the amazing views of just flat desert for miles.



And got a photo of ourselves of course!


Once we had had our fill of the views, we headed to our “salt hotel”for the night, where everything was literally made of salt.


Salt floor, salt walls, salt chairs and tables… so cool.


Day 2:

We had an early start for breakfast before heading out for our second day of sight seeing. We had a quick stop at the beginning to enjoy the surroundings, and I got to practice my camera skills:


We then headed off to a place where there were loads of different rock formations, just bang in the middle of the desert.


We had a climb around and an explore, but to be completely honest it was pretty chilly, so we didn’t hang around too long. Onto the next place. The next stop was a lake with flamingos.



Luckily I managed to grab a picture of them before they all flew away… we must have scared them!

Next along was another lake, but it was surrounded by the most beautiful scenery I think I’ve ever seen..




Last stop of the day was the red laguna. The water looks red because of the algae in the water, which I think is also why the flamingos are pink!


It was so weird just how red it was, never seen anything like it before.



We then headed on to our next hotel, where we had an early night, as we had a nice 4:30am wake up the following day!


Day 3:

Our final day of the tour was a pretty short one, with just a few stops before heading to the border to cross into Chile. The first stop, was to see the geysers, some of which were natural, and some were artificial.


The above one is artificial and the below the natural.



We were warned to keep our distance as they were obviously very hot, and if you fell in…. it would be a very unpleasant end. It was a very quick jump out of the car for these pictures because it was actually FREEZING outside, due to it being about 5.30am!

Our last stop of the tour was to the green laguna, which was not quite as impressive as the red one!


We endured the cold just enough to grab a few pictures and then headed back to the car, to make our way to Chile!







One thought on “Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

  1. Wow! Now this is a really fabulous journey! In this desert of salt, did you gals have a drop to drink? Lol.
    Seriously the experience must had been incredible though early. Bet it must be really scorching by noon?


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