Puno, Peru

Our last stop in Peru before we crossed the border to Bolivia was Puno, to see the floating islands. We caught a boat over to the one of the islands called Uros.


Think there are enough tour boats??


We were driven out on a boat to the centre of the community, where we were surrounded by little islands, with a few houses/shops etc on each.



We stopped at one of the islands to have a tour, and be spoken to by one of the locals. Unfortunately it was all in Spanish… so I couldn’t understand a lot!


But the lady did have the cutest baby on her back!


After the talk, we got to have a look around some of the houses, which you can imagine were very basic… however, did have electricity due to solar panels next to their huts!


The final part of the trip was to go to the main community island, and we took the traditional reed boat to get there.


The main island had everything from gift shops to restaurants, a bit of a tourist trap really!


Myself and Annabel also attracted some unwanted attention, a group of kids really wanted to take pictures with us, and then it felt like the whole community did too! It was like being a celebrity. Not even sure why… maybe because to them we’re tall? Who knows!

All in all, it did feel very touristy, but definitely an interesting visit! And a great way to finish our tour of Peru – next stop Bolivia!


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