Paracas, Peru

Our next stop in Peru was Paracas, otherwise known as ‘the poor man’s Galapagos’. Our main event was a boat trip to Isla Ballestas, where you can see loads of wildlife such as sea lions, penguins, birds etc.


We headed out on the boat, and it was pretty chilly.


Cold Annabel?

On the way out some of the surrounding hills had shapes carved into them – like cactus’.. bizarre


Finally we could see the islands


And you can see the sea lions chilling under the archway!


There were so many sea lions and birds about, the islands were literally covered in them.



This guy was my favourite – so sleepy!


And I wasn’t kidding about the birds…


They were everywhere!

In the afternoon we decided to hire some bikes and cycle to the Red Beach. Of course we hired the cheapest, worst bikes humanly possible. While we were cycling out, we had to cycle against the STRONGEST head wind ever. It was such an effort even on the flat road.


But we made it to the red beach eventually!



We didn’t hang around too long, as it was actually quite cold because of the wind, so we headed back to Paracas, which was super fun as we were being pushed by the wind the whole way.


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