Huacachina, Peru

After leaving Paracas, we headed to Huacachina for the day, before continuing on to Cusco. Huacachina is basically just a city in the middle of loads of sand dunes… so a great place to go sandboarding!


We started out getting a ride on the sand buggy… which we all thought would be a nice, relaxing ride up to where you board down…


How very wrong we were. It was literally like a rollercoaster, we were flying over all the dunes, and at one point I thought the buggy was going to roll!


Dune buggy survivors!

We stopped to get some pictures before heading up to the top of one of the dunes.


The views were incredible, reminded me of something out of Star Wars.

Finally it was time to actually get down to some sandboarding.


Of course, everyone was a real pro sandboarder….

Well.. some were better than others…

We headed off just in time to catch the sunset over the dunes.

We then headed back to the city to catch a bus to Cusco


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