Lima, Peru

We finally left Huaraz and headed for the capital of Peru, Lima. We arrived pretty early in the morning and checked into the 1900’s Backpacker Hostel, where we were allowed the free breakfast!


After filling up on breakfast we headed out to Miraflores, the nicer part of town, and had a walk along the beachfront. It was really new and westernized, with loads of chain restaurants that you would see in England.

In the afternoon we decided to take the free walking tour that the hostel offered, especially after we had such a good one in Medellin. It is safe to say, however, that we were all a little underwhelmed by this particular tour. The guide just didn’t seem enthusiastic about anything, so it was a little boring, but still a nice way to see the city. I guess we started with the best in Medellin, so it’s hard to top!

Here are some of the best photos from the tour:



This is one of the biggest cathedrals in Lima, apparently it is ever girls dream to get married here!


The parliament building



This church was pretty impressive as well, there was so much gold, it was really beautiful.


We also tried this weird dessert, which apparently is very popular in Peru, called Mazamorra Morada. Personally, I thought it was pretty vile… kind of like a weird jam.

Once the tour ended we quickly headed back to the hostel and dropped our bags, as we were headed to the water fountain light show in one of the local parks.


It was really cool, and they even told stories in the water fountains and the colours… very impressive.



After the show ended, we wandered around the rest of the park, to check out the remaining fountains.



Some of them were really cool, and one you could walk underneath.


And I got to practice some arty shots.


Lima was a pretty cool city, and we all liked it a lot more than we thought we would, especially as we’d heard pretty bad things from other people. But – next stop Paracas.


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