Puno, Peru

Our last stop in Peru before we crossed the border to Bolivia was Puno, to see the floating islands. We caught a boat over to the one of the islands called Uros. Think there are enough tour boats?? We were driven out on a boat to the centre of the community, where we were surrounded … More Puno, Peru

Huacachina, Peru

After leaving Paracas, we headed to Huacachina for the day, before continuing on to Cusco. Huacachina is basically just a city in the middle of loads of sand dunes… so a great place to go sandboarding! We started out getting a ride on the sand buggy… which we all thought would be a nice, relaxing … More Huacachina, Peru

Paracas, Peru

Our next stop in Peru was Paracas, otherwise known as ‘the poor man’s Galapagos’. Our main event was a boat trip to Isla Ballestas, where you can see loads of wildlife such as sea lions, penguins, birds etc. We headed out on the boat, and it was pretty chilly. Cold Annabel? On the way out … More Paracas, Peru

Lima, Peru

We finally left Huaraz and headed for the capital of Peru, Lima. We arrived pretty early in the morning and checked into the 1900’s Backpacker Hostel, where we were allowed the free breakfast! After filling up on breakfast we headed out to Miraflores, the nicer part of town, and had a walk along the beachfront. … More Lima, Peru