Medellin, Colombia

Day 1:

We arrived in Medellin, once again in the early hours of the morning from San Gil, and were luckily escorted quickly to our dorms to sleep!!

After a long lie in, we headed down for breakfast – which was make your own pancakes, which I can safely say we all enjoyed. We were recommended to spend the afternoon in Parque Arvi, which you could get the cable car up to, and there were a few hikes around the area.

The cable car was really cool as you could look out and see the whole of Medellin on the way up.

We arrived at Parque Arvi and began our hike. Luckily we had the app so we didn’t have to follow some of the shorter routes suggested, and could make our own way around.

We ended up walking around for a good few hours enjoying some of the great views.

Before heading back down the cable car and back to the hostel. In the evening Vicky and Annabel took up the free salsa lesson provided by the hostel – whereas I was definitely not up for dancing, so ended up going to bed super early! Old age kicking in…
Day 2:

Our second day in Medellin started a lot earlier than the first, as we had booked on to the Real City Walking Tour – which had been highly recommended by people who had been to Medellin.

We made our way to the meeting point and met our guide – Milo – who would be showing us around for the day. The tour involved several different stops, around the whole city. We were first given an introduction, with a bit of a timeline about Colombia, and also warned not to mention the name of the “famous criminal” aka Pablo Escobar!

The first stop was the main square with all the political buildings. One cool feature was this statue in the centre.

It’s supposed to show the history of Colombia, up until the present day. The artist’s ashes were also presented next to it !!

Another stop on our tour was the ‘Square of Lights’.

At night all those tall poles light up to make it safer to walk around. Milo told us how this used to be one of the most dangerous areas in Medellin, which now has been transformed. This was a recurring theme throughout the tour which was really nice to see.

We saw the oldest and largest churches in Medellin.

And also the differences between foreign architecture and Colombian architecture.

On the left of the above picture was the architecture designed by a foreign artist (I can’t for the life of me remember who 😫) – compared with the right side which the Colombians finished themselves …

And finally we saw some of the famous statues around the city – all to do with proportion and perspective.

Also we saw the benefits of being polite in Colombia …

The walking tour is an absolute must do if you are ever in Medellin, Milo was so informative and positive about the future of the city.

Day 3:

Our final day in Medellin, we had decided to head to the local town Guatape. Guatape is most famous for “the rock” which you can climb up and see the whole town, and the artificial lakes surrounding it.

The sign at the bottom made a pretty big claim… so we were definitely expecting big things.

In total there were 659 steps to the top. And they were marked every 25 steps so you knew how far up you were… not sure if that’s good or bad…

The view from the top! As you can imagine it was pretty crowded up there, so we had to get our shots in pronto.

After we’d had our fill of the views, we headed back down and into the town of Guatape, which was really beautiful – definitely more of a holiday destination

We ended the day grabbing some ice cream before heading back to our hostel to grab our stuff before the bus to Bogota! Next stop Ecuador !


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