Lencois, Brazil

Day 1:

So, we had escaped rainy Salvador and made it to Lencois to check out the national park ‘Chapada Diamantina.’ We had been recommended this place by the guidebook and lots of people we spoke to had told us it was beautiful, so we were expecting big things.

We spent the morning shopping around different tour companies to see what different routes we could do and for what price. In the end we settled for doing the “Route 1” tour the following day, as it was supposed to be the best weather.

After grabbing some lunch, myself, Annabel and our friend Patrick, who we’d picked up in Salvador, headed out to follow a trail we found on maps.me. It was about a 3km walk to a waterfall, which I had to attempt in my converse rather than trainers, as my trainers were wet. Not advisable.


The water was really orange/brown, I think from the iron (?) in it.


At the bottom of the waterfall there was a little pool that you could swim in.


Cold Annabel? Haha. It was freezing. But we could jump in and swim to the bottom of the waterfall, which was pretty cool.


Unfortunately it was quite a cloudy day, so not ideal for drying off afterwards, but still worth it.


After the waterfall, the trail suggested there was a viewpoint a bit further up, so we decided to follow the map to find it. There were some pretty impressive views along the way.


We even got into some weight lifting along the way….


Unfortunately it got to a point where my shoes were just not up to the task. I have awful balance anyway, and I was slipping and sliding all over the place. So in the end I gave up, and Annabel and Patrick carried on a bit further. They don’t think they actually reached the viewpoint, but apparently they got some good views anyway.

We headed back to the hostel just before it got dark, so have some dinner and get an early night before our tour the following day.


Day 2:

Today we had our tour booked, so we had an early start and headed off in the minibus. Our first stop was a waterfall which we could swim in.


Once again, very orange/brown water.


The water was so cold! But at least it was sunny today so it wasn’t as bad. You could swim underneath the waterfall and there were rocks you could jump off into the pool.

After drying off, we headed back for the minibus to be dropped off at the next spot, Fumaca cave.


For this we all needed helmets and flashlights. We went into the cave at there were so many stalactites hanging from the ceilings.


They ranged from a really orangey/brown colour to white.


At one point going through the cave, everyone switched off their torches and went absolutely silent. It was literally pitch black, you couldn’t see anything and you could almost hear your blood pumping as it was so silent!

We left the cave for some lunch, before heading off to our next stop, which was the blue caves and swimming lake. The water was so clear and crystal blue.


The first cave we saw, there was the option to snorkel through it, but at R$40 it was quite expensive, so we decided to pass and just swim in the river.


We were told the best time to catch the blue cave was at 3pm, as that was when the sun was in the best position. And it was pretty incredible.


The pictures really don’t do it justice, it looked so beautiful and calm.

Our last stop of the day was to head up a mountain to catch the sunset. We were told it was a 20 minute walk to the top, but we were pretty speedy and did it in under 10. The views from the top were amazing, literally like pictures of google.



All we had to do was sit back and watch the sunset. I have also been practicing a bit more with my camera, so actually managed to get some half decent shots!


Not bad eh!


Okay, one more…


We headed back down, and back to the hostel where we had a night in for a well deserved rest.


Day 3:

Today, despite the not great weather forecast, we decided to head to Fumaca falls, the second biggest waterfall in Brazil at 340m high. When we headed out, it was pretty clouded over, but it wasn’t raining… so we hoped for the best. Unfortunately, almost immediately it began to rain, so we had a very wet ascent to the top.


We quickly realised that half of our group were a bit slower than us, so in the end we broke into two groups to make our way up the mountain. We spent a lot of time dodging puddles and trying not to get our shoes wet… until we reached puddles so big we had to take our shoes off and walk barefoot.

The ascent took about 2 hours, but we made it, soaked through.


I tried to get a decent picture, but you had to go right up to the edge of the ledge, which was pretty terrifying. I was really worried I would drop my camera.


As you can see… a pretty big drop. After everyone had had some lunch and finished getting all their pictures, we headed back down to another waterfall. At the start most of us were still walking barefoot – but I had to put my trainers back on before I slipped over!

For the second, much smaller, waterfall, the rain actually stopped and the sun even made an appearance.


Views are always so much nicer when the sun is out! By this time we were still drenched through so we quickly headed back to the hostel to dry off.


Day 4:

Today was our last day in Lencois. After 2 pretty full on days, we decided to have a bit more of a relaxed day today, not do a tour, and go and wander round some of the hikes nearby. We joined 2 of the girls we had met in the hostel as they were doing something similar.

We headed out, and on our way to the trail we picked up an extra companion.


She literally followed us the entire way and when we got to a bit where she could no longer continue she started howling and crying. It was actually quite sad.

The trails led us to a couple of waterfalls, where we stopped for lunch.


There were literally waterfalls everywhere here…


Our walk was relatively short, but it was nice to get out and enjoy the last day… and it didn’t rain, thank god! We headed back, to get packed for our early bus the next morning. Next stop – back to Salvador to meet Vicky, and then on to Praia de Pipa!


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