Salvador, Brazil

Day 1:

After the horrendously long day travelling and seeing Brasilia, we finally made it to Salvador! It’s safe to say we didn’t have the best start, after getting ripped off by taxis at the airport, and taking 4 hours for us to get from hotel to hostel. But, we made it, and decided to explore round the city.

By the time we got to our hostel on the first day it was pretty late, so we decided just to head out and have a look around. We were recommended by the woman who ran the hostel to check out one of the local churches, as it was the first church black people were allowed in, in Salvador, as they had built it themselves.


It was a pretty, small church, and the ceiling art was impressive.


After the church we headed towards the coast, to enjoy some ice cream, and the sunset. We watched the sunset from one of the nearby buildings that opened onto the sea… Not a bad view at all.


Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me (apparently Salvador is pretty big for muggings and pick pockets) so the photos aren’t the best quality! In the building we were in, there were loads of different artworks, showing different scenes – I can’t really explain it well but see below


They were so intricate with loads of detail in each one.

We also found out that apparently in Salvador, Tuesday’s are the party nights (no idea why?), and they have lots of samba, bands and dancing going on in the streets, so we decided to head out with a guy we had met in our hostel. It was just like a big party in the streets, with people selling beers, and loads of dancing going on. A few people even tried to get Annabel and I to join in with the samba – we were having none of it.


Day 2:

The second day we woke up to absolutely pouring rain. The forecast for Salvador was looking pretty awful for the next week, so our second and last day there we actually didn’t do much – most of the day we were just trying to avoid the rain, and then dry off once we were soaked.

Luckily the lady from the hostel recommended this huge market/souvenir shop which we decided to have a look around. They had every souvenir you could possibly think of, and I even managed to by a little Brazilian flag to sew onto my bag! Unfortunately because it was tipping it down, I didn’t take my camera out with me, so no pics from the day!

After, we had to sprint back to the hostel through the rain and grab our stuff, before heading off to Lencois.


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