Brasilia, Brazil

Our next leg of the journey involved a flight at 5am to Salvador, with an 11 hour stop over in Brasilia. We ended up getting to the airport around 10pm the night before and having to stay there until our flight took off at 5am – not enjoyable. But, after a short flight, we made it to Brasilia.

After stopping for some breakfast, we headed out into central Brasilia to see some of the main sights. From what we had heard, there wasn’t actually loads to do in Brasilia, it was more just a lot of new architecture and cool buildings to check out. Our first stop was the TV Tower, which our guidebook had said was 70 floors high, giving you a good view of Brasilia.


When we were walking up to it, we both agreed that it looked pretty dead, and we later found out that it was shut “for cleaning,” which was really sad as we wouldn’t get another chance to go up it. The view from the bottom though was still pretty nice.


There were some maps of central Brasilia nearby, showing all the different buildings around, so after a quick check we decided to head past the TV Tower to see some of them. The first stop was the stadium.


There were quite a few Rio 2016 signs posted around the stadium, so I am assuming some of the Olympic football was held here.

The next stop was the Planetarium. The building looked pretty cool so we decided to have a wander around and see what was in it. It was actually a bit weird, with some artwork and not really anything space-like.


When we were wandering around, it seemed like we were the only ones in the whole city – it was completely dead and really strange. So we decided to head back down past the TV tower, more towards the centre, and see if it was busier there.

It did seem to pick up the further past the TV tower we went, so we decided to look around some more of the buildings along the straight centre.


When we were wandering around we bumped into two girls – one who was from Brasilia who was showing around her Canadian friend. Firstly, she informed us that a lot of the buildings were shut because it was a Monday (????) and usually they are only open Tuesdays – Sundays. Secondly, she really kindly offered to show us around as well, as she was doing so for her friend anyway.

The next building along, was very unexpectedly a church – have you ever seen one like it before?


Luckily, this was open so we got to have a look around. It was really cool inside, like being in a glass house.


Also, because the walls were circular, one person could stand at one end of the building, another at the other, and you could talk into the walls and the other person would hear you! It was so cool, and I have no idea how it works!


Next up was the building of International Relations. The building looked so nice on the outside, and we even tried to see if we could go in to get a tour, but apparently they no longer do them which was a shame.


We also tried to see if we could get a tour of the senate building, but once again was told they no longer did tours. I’m not sure whether this was because it was a Monday, or they just no longer did them.


After the Senate building, we said goodbye to our new tour guide, and continued to walk to the bridge. It was a lot further than we thought, and it was so hot, so both of us were probably getting pretty sunburnt!

But we eventually made it! I’d seen the bridge a lot in pictures when googling Brasilia, so definitely something to tick off the list.


At night, I think it gets lit up and looks even better. Once we had taken pictures and had a short break, we decided to catch a bus back to the centre instead of walking, made our way to the airport and set off for Salvador!


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