São Paulo, Brazil

Day 1:

After arriving about 11:30pm the last night, we were picked up by our friend Denise who we had met at university. She lives in São Paulo, and very kindly offered for us to stay with her for the weekend. She also had the cutest dog named Amora. (Hope I’m spelling that right!)

We ended up waking up really late on the Saturday as we were tired from the 6 hour bus journey and having a very chilled out morning with Denise’s sister Beatriz. We also had some hostels and more buses to book so we got that sorted too. Once Denise was back from univesity, we headed to the park Ibirapuera, to watch Beatriz playing in her Bateria band. (Kind of like a marching band, but a bit different).


Beatriz is at the front second on the right with the sunglasses. The band was really cool and they added in loads of different instruments one by one. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything like it before.

After watching them practice for a bit, we decided to wander round the park – you could still hear the band pretty much the whole way round! The park was quite busy as it was a Saturday, and really really nice. This is the monument out the front, showing the history of Brazil.


And this is the park itself.



There were so many people in the park playing Pokemon Go! It was crazy, everywhere you looked there were groups of people following there phones around. We did a lap of the park, and then headed back to catch the end of the Bateria’s practice. Next stop was Paulista Avenue.

Paulista Avenue is probably one of the main shopping areas in São Paulo. There were loads of street stalls with necklaces, jewellery and little trinkets you could buy. One guy gave me an Amethyst rock for free, which was really nice.


Beatriz also insisted we try Churros. For those who don’t know, churros are kind of like donuts, but with filling in and on top. They were AMAZING.


Even thinking about it now is making me hungry. In the evening we went out for dinner with Denise and Beatriz’s parents, to a pizza place. When we got there it was absolutely heaving and as you can’t book we waited about an hour and a half for a table. But it was definitely worth it, the pizza was incredible.


Day 2:

Sunday 14th in Brazil was Father’s Day so the plan was for all of Denise’s family and us to have lunch together. We once again had a chilled out morning, which was really nice. It’s so nice to not be in a hostel for a couple of days! For lunch her parents had cooked ribs, apples with cinnamon, salad and rice. It was so good! The ribs were amazing.

After lunch we got caught up watching Max Whitlock winning Gold for Great Britain on the floor! Also a really good result for Brazil winning both silver and bronze, so the house was pretty happy. We also found out that Britain were second in the medals table which was amazing! As we’d seen some of the Olympics we were keeping up to date with it, and  every time we looked it seemed like Britain had won another medal.

We finished off the day taking Amora for a walk around the park, and catching some fresh air before our 14 hour bus journey that evening.

A big thank you to Denise and her family for taking us in for the weekend and looking after us so well, we had a great time!

Next stop, Iguassa Falls.



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