Paraty, Brazil

Day 1:

After leaving Rio, we headed out to Paraty by bus. We had been recommended Paraty by a friend and by the guidebook, so we decided it was definitely worth trying out – so we hopped on the first of (probably) many buses to Paraty. The first morning, we hadn’t really planned anything so we decided just to have a wander around the town. It was so pretty, with cobblestone streets, and little shops all surrounded by water.


We found this cool shop which had loads of soaps in the shapes of different fruit, which smelt amazing! Kind of like walking into Lush at home. We also wanted to book onto a boat trip around the beaches, as that seemed like the best thing to do while we were here. The town was really pretty with lots of little churches and nice buildings.


After familiarizing ourselves with the local area we decided to do a hike called the Gold Trail which we had read a little bit about. When we got to Penha (which is where the trail started), we found out you had to have a guide in order to do the trail, which was quite annoying. But there were a few waterfalls about so we decided to explore instead.


This particular waterfall was called Tarzan, and it had a really bouncy bridge over to a local restaurant.



We  sat and had lunch by the waterfall, which was a pretty nice spot.


As there was no official trail, we decided to explore up the waterfall, which involved lots of jumping over rocks, and balancing – which as you may know, I am terrible at. So of course it ended with me falling in and getting my trainers and socks soaking! Alicia also fell in so that made me feel a bit better.

Whilst waiting for the bus we found a cachaça brewery, so we had a look around. Cachaça is what is used to make Caiparinha’s and it is made out of sugar cane.


They had loads of different flavours you could try, and some were definitely nicer than others. I really liked the chocolate liquor, as it tasted just like a milkshake. Some of the pure ones were absolutely vile, with 45% alcohol. Yuck.

The evening consisted of chilling out and watching the Olympic Gymnastics, which as always was incredible.


Day 2:

Today we were hoping the sun would make an appearance as we were going on our boat trip. The night before was absolutely freezing (yes, it does get cold in Brazil). When we headed out, the sky was looking a bit ominous, but it looked a bit clearer out to sea. The boat trip consisted of four stops, one where we could snorkel, one where there was a nice beach to swim, one place for lunch, and the last another nice beach. On the boat there was a group of 9 of us, which was quite a nice sized group.


Check out that grey sky.

When we got to the first stop, the sun was just about peeking out of the clouds, but I definitely would not say it was warm.


However, we all decided to go snorkelling anyway, and embrace the cold weather. We were also lied to by Annabel about how cold the water actually was… Smile Alicia


The water was FREEZING. But it was okay once you were actually in… and luckily I was pushed in by Alicia so I didn’t get much say in the matter. As it wasn’t that sunny the water was quite murky, but we did see a few fish.


It was really hard to see as well, because my goggles kept steaming up. But we managed some cool underwater snaps.



By the time we had got to the next beach the sun had really come out which was so nice. The beaches looked amazing.


(Photo credit: AVC). The beaches were so beautiful, it was like being in paradise.


We stopped for some lunch, before heading off to our last beach, by which time, the sun had once again disappeared.


But it was still warm, and the views were amazing.


The boat trip was so much fun, and the people we were with were so nice. 3 of them were from New Zealand so they gave me some tips for my trip in December! After the boat we had to head back to the hostel, as Alicia was leaving us for good to go back to Rio 😦 We said our farewells at the bus station – see you in a year!


Day 3:

Friday was our last day in Paraty as we were heading off to Sao Paulo! We originally intended to get the bus around midday, but the bus was full, so we booked on to leave at 16h40. So that meant we had a bit of time to kill, so we headed to one of the beaches in Paraty to do some sea kayaking! The route they suggested was supposed to take about 3 hours, and went around some little islands just off the beach.


Unfortunately my GoPro died after the first photo, but Annabel saved the day with her phone in a waterproof case. It was really beautiful and peaceful off shore.



By the end my shoulders and arms were aching soo much! But I didn’t fall in which is a bonus! When we got back ashore, we went back to the hostel, gathered our stuff and set off for our 6 hour bus journey to Sao Paulo, to meet our friend Denise.


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