Salvador, Brazil

Day 1: After the horrendously long day travelling and seeing Brasilia, we finally made it to Salvador! It’s safe to say we didn’t have the best start, after getting ripped off by taxis at the airport, and taking 4 hours for us to get from hotel to hostel. But, we made it, and decided to … More Salvador, Brazil

Brasilia, Brazil

Our next leg of the journey involved a flight at 5am to Salvador, with an 11 hour stop over in Brasilia. We ended up getting to the airport around 10pm the night before and having to stay there until our flight took off at 5am – not enjoyable. But, after a short flight, we made … More Brasilia, Brazil

Pantanal, Brazil

Day 1: We arrived in Campo Grande bright and early at 7:30am. I hadn’t slept that well, but I was feeling okay, and today we were looking for a tour for Pantanal. We found a company we had been recommended by someone we met in Iguassa Falls called Pantanal Trekking. After being advised that it … More Pantanal, Brazil

São Paulo, Brazil

Day 1: After arriving about 11:30pm the last night, we were picked up by our friend Denise who we had met at university. She lives in São Paulo, and very kindly offered for us to stay with her for the weekend. She also had the cutest dog named Amora. (Hope I’m spelling that right!) We … More São Paulo, Brazil

Paraty, Brazil

Day 1: After leaving Rio, we headed out to Paraty by bus. We had been recommended Paraty by a friend and by the guidebook, so we decided it was definitely worth trying out – so we hopped on the first of (probably) many buses to Paraty. The first morning, we hadn’t really planned anything so … More Paraty, Brazil